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Jul 28, 2011 11:00pm PDT
with marvin kalb and his daughter deborah kalb. they have written a book about the legacy of vietnam called "haunting legacy." >> one of the most difficult things about "haunting legacy," charlie, is to try to understand what is it that presidents go through when they make major decisions about war and ace? these are human beingsnd they have fears andin obama's mind, not only the first black president in american hiory and that's on his min too is something that he cannot be careless about. >> we start withresidentord as the war wa ending and we do chapter on each president up president obama and eac president was affected by that war in terms of both his personal life, his experiences, his politics in terms of the campaign and primarily his foreign policy decision making. >> rose: wcontinue this evening with david wise, who's written another book about espionage. it's about chinese and american espionage and it's called "tiger trap." >> the chinese spy very differently than, for example, the k.g.b., or now the s.b.i., as it's called. the chinese have been at this much longer than we have.
Jul 28, 2011 11:35pm EDT
and deborah kalb and david wi when we continu every story needs a hero we canll root for. who beats the odds and cos out on top. but this isn't just a hollywood storyline. it's happening every day, all across america. every time a storefront opens. or the midnight oil is burned. or when someone chases a dream, not just a dollar. they are small business owners. so if you wanna root for a real hero, support small business. shop small. ptioning sponsored by rose communications from our stuos inew york city, this is charlie rose. >> ros the debt limitation end game is being played out in washington today, tomorrow, saturday and sunday. the deadne is august 2. the house of representatives and the senate are involved, but not even the parties know exactly where the end game will end. earlier th evening, the house of representatives delayed a vote o legislationroposed by speaker john boehner. the plan would cut federal spending by $917 billion over e next decade. it would also provide an immediate debt limit increase of $900 billion. earlier today, speaker boehner pleaded with congress to pass the
Jul 27, 2011 6:00am EDT
of nbc news and former moderator of "meet the press" marvin kalb and deborah kalb. it's a great honor to have you here. what a fascinating book. >> thank you. >> it seems if there's a water balloon fight somewhere, people say it's the next vietnam. this war cast a shadow on every president from '75 forward. >> people told me researching the book there are two large themes. one is watergate in a political sense and one is vietnam in a national security sense. what we tried to do in researching and writing the book is what does one president after another from ford to obama do when the issue comes us about whether to send troops abroad. what does vietnam factor into their minds? how do they think of an exit strategy? every way vietnam sits there in the oval office as an uninvited guest but it's there. >> have we paid less attention to it? you go back to lebanon, 1983, ronald reagan put together a document. some people are saying obama is ignoring that in afghanistan. >> no, i think quite the opposite. i think vietnam has haunted obama more than any other president because obama was 13 y
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)